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All the resources

you need to start innovating.

Explore our library of easy-to-use innovation tools specifically designed to empower you and your team as you embark on your challenge journey. Free to download when you take the challenge. Don't forget to keep coming back as we'll be updating the tools regularly.

Fast Five Innovation Challenge Guide.
Five ideas per person across 12 weeks of innovation- easy, right? A supportive and simplified guide that will transform your business and motivate the team to rebuild.
Business Model Canvas.
Supplied by CBRIN
Business Model Canvas helps you prototype a business model for your venture in minutes unlike the traditional business plan.
Pitch Planner Canvas.
Supplied by CBRIN
Pitch Planner is a canvas that helps you build your pitch to drive your audience to the action you desire.
Sales Tracker Template.
Supplied by CBRIN
Sales Tracker helps you build your early stage sales pipeline and prototype your CRM while you close your first deals.
Social Media Kit
Be campaign ready with the Fast Five Innovation Challenge digital and social kit for businesses to easily activate the movement with their teams and networks.
Innovation Challenge Posters
Engage the business and organisation with a set of Fast Five Innovation Challenge posters ready to motivate the team.
Value Finder Canvas.
Supplied by CBRIN
Value Finder Canvas helps you find the heart of your innovation in a fast and effective iterative process with your customers.
Product Builder Tool.
Supplied by CBRIN
Product Builder helps you move faster through user journey design, minimum viable product identification and prototyping.
Comparative Analysis Template
A simple framework to help businesses decide on how to evaluate and compare ideas.
More Guides coming soon.
More Guides coming soon.
More Guides coming soon.