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Our aim is to fast track our nation’s economic recovery by providing businesses with a set of practical tools within a series of challenges to rapidly innovate. By making the pledge to rebuild and taking the first Fast Five Innovation Challenge, we seek to empower every business and give them an opportunity to be better than they ever were.

Fast track economic recovery
Join the movement.
Make the pledge and commit to rebuilding the economy.
Join a supportive community of people making a big impact.
Take each challenge as a team to rapidly capture, develop and implement ideas.
Access free tools and resources as we support you on your challenge journey.
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Over the last three weeks, we are proud to have been working collaboratively with leaders in Federal and State Government, Industry, Big Business, SMEs, and Consultants across the nation, building confidence in the movement.

Our aim is to provide a digital community for effective collaboration. Empowered individuals working together to build successful businesses, creating high performing industries and a resilient economy. We’re looking to connect and grow our network of thought leaders to share knowledge and expertise towards a better, brighter future.

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