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Embed a culture that
supports creativity and innovation
11 June, 2020
Editor at Nectir Innovation

Original Article by: Applied Innovation Centre “Very few leaders know how to achieve an Innovation culture” So concludes independent research of Western Australian businesses conducted by the Applied Innovation Centre

Many organisations have an innovation statement in their strategic plan. Some have implemented single components of innovation such as an ideas management system or innovation education. A few understand the nature of innovation, but mainly concentrate on attempts to develop innovative products.

Very few can guarantee a culture that supports creativity and innovation.

Most organisations have high level vision, values and strategies which are cascaded throughout the organisation into business plans and team goals. There are KPIs and performance is measured. But many leaders don’t apply this to empowering creativity and innovation within their organisation.

How to guarantee a culture of innovation according to Applied Innovation Centre Focus on the 4Ps®: innovative products or services require creative, progressive people and a structured, supportive process all operating within the press or environment (internal and external) that supports innovation.

Create an innovation vision, values and strategy: Like any business strategy, innovative organisations have a vision for innovation and supporting values. They use a structured approach and make these real by cascading them into strategy, business plans and team work.

Make it easy to collect ideas: A great ideas management system captures and helps ideas germinate, and supports the team to develop them into possible solutions.

AIC is partnering with Nectir to provide our clients with the best Ideas Management system to use in their journey towards a sustainable culture of innovation.

The Nectir ideas management system is an exciting and collaborative way to help you align your innovative ideas with your strategic direction.

Leaders – model the way

Leaders engage with their people, encourage exploration and creativity.

Inspire and educate your people to use their creativity

Involve them in highly engaging workshops to enhance their creativity. Develop your leaders to build creative collaboration.

Innovative organisations

For ideas about some next steps, innovative organisations:

  • Create, implement and measure their innovation strategy
  • Value, capture and pilot unusual and new ideas
  • Create a climate where people can make and learn from mistakes
  • See problems as opportunities to be creative and apply innovative solutions