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5 killers of innovation
18 June, 2020
Editor at Nectir Innovation

In order to ensure ongoing programme success within your organisation it is important to avoid the five biggest killers of innovation.

1. Lack of leadership supportImpacts funding, impacts the perceived importance of the programme, impacts leadership support of employee time spent on innovation

2. Lack of structure and clarity Many innovation programmes have not identified their strategic focus, programmes can be too dependent on a few individuals which can cause bottlenecks, ideas end up being proposed that are not aligned to the company’s goals and impacts the perceived programme effectiveness

3. Programme has no engagement incentives Causes low engagement, programme fanfare and prioritization falls, fear and uncertainty that an idea is aligned with corporate goals

4. Suffering from a fear-based workplace Judgement of proposed ideas, focus on daily goals, management’s focus is on assigning and punishing instead of supporting and collaborating, lack of acknowledgement and affirmation for programme engagement

5. A lack of programme organisation Managing through emails, texts, and spreadsheets which can get busy and hard to follow